The Story Board is a creative video studio and filmmaking collective dedicated to mutual creative success, economic sustainability, and good karma. Our work is fueled by the excitement of creation, the love for story, the beauty of pictures and sound – all while staying true to our roots as cinephiles and artists.

The Story Board was founded in 2015 by Jen Widor Smith and Allen Baldwin. We are proud to be a majority female-owned and operated company.  We're also proud to have a kickass team of Maine producers, directors, editors, writers, cinematographers, and animators. Not to mention all of our kickass collaborators – that means all you advertising and creative agencies and businesses we've partnered with over the years. Thanks for entrusting us with your products and advertising needs!

The Story Board is also known as STOBO (why not, right?)


We believe “work” can be fun and we love what we do.

We believe in a healthy life-work balance.

We believe in mutual success over personal gain. 

We believe collaboration and learning from each other makes us better people and better creatives.

We believe in supporting and nurturing future film and video professionals.

We believe a strong Maine film community makes us all stronger.

We believe in being good citizens locally and globally.