Complex Female Protagonists

Congratulations to Kate Kaminski for her work with the Bluestocking Film Series. Really thought-provoking panels regarding women in film, amazing lineup of short films and fantastic networking opportunities. Each year gets bigger and better! Do you know about The Bechdel Test for movies? It’s a simple test in which the […]

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Emerge Film Festival

Emerge Film Festival is happening now – come join the celebration of independent films in the L/A community! As managing director of this year’s festival, Jen hasn’t had much time to sleep the past couple of months but in the end, it’s so worth it.

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T/F Film Festival

Charlotte just returned from the True/False Film Festival in Missouri with the T/F Maine contingency of filmmakers. If you love docs then it’s the place to be!

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Maine-made movie, Neptune, garners rave reviews at 2016 Slamdance Film Festival.

Neptune at Slamdance!

Neptune, a film made in Maine by Maine filmmakers, screened at Slamdance this year and was received with rave reviews. Congratulations to the entire crew especially Derek Kimball, Jane Ackermann and our own Allen Baldwin!

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